How to write and pass any Examination in Nigeria

Looking for How to write and pass any Examination in Nigeria? You will get to find out the things which you need to do in other for you to pass any exam in Nigeria. Let’s see the below guide for better comprehension.


An examination is a formal test of one’s ability and knowledge of a given subject matter in given setting.

Sometimes reading does not guarantee success if one lacks an in-depth idea about what he/she was supposed to do. This article will therefore reveal some steps on how to pass any exam in Nigeria.


Already, the article said: “reading does not guarantee success”, proper reading does. Every subject has a syllabus, hence your ability to follow this syllabus is key. In order for you to give out or match the expectations of your examiner, you will need to read what he expects you to read not what you feel is right. For example, a student reading English Language in the university will need to read all the novels and poems as recommended by his lecturer; anything less than this means failure.


Reading is one thing, understanding is the other. Students keep on complaining of failure after series of night classes and reading time. Do you know why? they do not understand what to do. Each topic has an objective, so to get it right you will need to read what the topic needs not what you know. It’s impossible to cover a subject matter and still fail. However, there are unique cases when lecturers set questions outside the circle. This leads us to another item:


You will only complain that your lecturer sets questions outside what you have in your book if you did not or have not been attending classes. Since it is impossible to write everything a lecturer will say, one needs to be attending classes. Again, explanations will also help you develop a good note.


We can not rule out the God factor in anything we do. He is key and integral to the results we need. “Prayer”, they say “is the key to success”. Difficult subjects can be made easy by the grace of God. He knows our end from the beginning, more reason we should be hand over everything to God.


Every course comes with an outline. Some students make the mistake of overlooking the course outline to read-only their notes. truth is, every lecturer sets every question from his/her course line. At this point we can say that course outline is the guidance of lecturers; it guides and directs the lecturer on what to do at every point.

F. Past Questions.

These are series of questions asked over the years. Because of how busy lecturers are, it will always be difficult for them to sit down and set new questions for students. The reality is that the questions may differ,but the ideas will actually be same. Past questions helps students understand the pattern of questions and how it is set. it also help students to know what a lecturer wants at a given time.

E. Use mnemonics, acrostics, and acronyms To Study.

You can round-off a voluminous notes with the use of acronyms and mnemonics. It also helps you recall what you were taught easily. If you have a problem in recalling what you read , try this method,it works like magic.

F. Exams Center

This should be the first thing to know. As a student you need to familiarize yourself with your examination venue,you know why? Going late to an exams automatically destabilize your mood and everything you planned.It could also land you in a place that could make you uncomfortable. Again, going late means you can be paired with someone that will distract your focus which is what you do not need at that time.

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