How To Write An Interesting Cv/Resume?

Happy to be here, let’s show you How To Write An Interesting Cv/Resume today “ potent job which provides me a handsome salary, of which I’m building a sustainable capital to survive and live life like no other homo sapien, started with providing absolutely no resume to the sector that employed me. I was only 20 and my graduation saw the light of a comprehensive end. I didn’t know how to write one, nor, anyone asked for it. They were in utter need of a graduate employee and, me a job that might help me meet my expenses. But the world has changed, so has the world of jobs.”

Upon making a conversation with my closest friend of father, who dedicatedly worked in the IT sector for more than 40 years in continuity, and a man of the yester decade, i assume there could be no better explanation of how priorities have changed.

In the previous century, when opportunities were less, where assimilation of resources were less, there were hardly any need of professional discipline of making resumes. But we have a new generation of requirements altogether. We do need professional resumes for securing a good job.

What is a CV?

CV is an abbreviation that means “curriculum vitae”, And this particular acronym is a LATIN word that can be interpreted to mean Course of life.

How To Write An Interesting Cv/Resume?

What is a RESUME?

It’s a FRENCH word for summary.

What are the Differences Among Them

While CV is a list of the one’s academic credentials, a resume is a detail of your skill.

In present context of needs, a company hiring an employee seeks to know both qualifications and skills. So, they are often used interchangeably. Most, developed countries don’t separate their idea about CV and RESUME and use it as one.

What are the Basic Structure of a CV/RESUME?

  1. NAME


** Use the NAME which is officially recorded in birth documents or other relevant government sponsored identity cards.

** In ‘professional title’, use exact and precise words that the job needs in sync with your absolute skill in a particular field.

** In ‘contacts’, following informations are must-

  1. Email address
  2. a contact number
  3. Social media link or profile address
  4. Skype id

** In ‘experience’ section, you need to mention the jobs you were a part of, in chronology of the latest followed by the previous.

Besides, every job that you have done, should be mentioned along with your assigned RESPONSIBILITIES and the quintessential results you made.

** In the ‘education’ section, follow the chronology of ‘latest’ to ‘previous of latest’.


  1. PhD
  2. Post graduation
  3. Graduation
  4. High school
  5. Highest class of primary school

The percentage and grades to be mentioned should be collective of all subjects and precisely mentioned.

** In ‘skill’ section, there can be two specifics-

  1. languages you know
  2. Technologies you can handle

Technologies however may be include softwares that you have skills in.

And, most importantly, don’t forget to mention the level of your efficacy in any skill you mention.


  1. High
  2. Moderate
  3. Beginner

** In ‘additional’ section, you need to mention the awards you have won or certificates you have achieved while going for a reasonable competition or enrolling for a course. But, this informations have to be relevant for the jobs that you are applying for.

What are the Things You Should Not Include in A Resume/Cv?

  1. ** Don’t use short millennial Instagram sugarcoated names. g. Not Joe for Josef.
  2. ** Don’t exaggerate professional title. e.g. An expert in java = wrong Software handler= right
  3. ** Don’t use a unprofessional name for email address e.g. wrong right
  4. ** Don’t provide an invalid contact number of a lost sim-card.
  5. ** Don’t provide unnecessary social media links, unless it professionally maintained and have details related to your skills or business. (LinkedIn is a relevant one).
  6. ** Don’t forget to mention skype id, which might require you to deal overseas client.
  7. ** Don’t forget to mention the time you worked for a company in skills section and valid references to validate the same.
  8. ** Don’t mention your religious affiliations.

What Are The Zones Of Conflict?

Some might be confused about two very important things, to be mentioned or not, which is-

Date of Birth’ &Picture’!

Most of the companies after hiring you, will always provide you a form to fill, to maintain data of the employees. This form will contain all your permanent relevant details, including date of birth and picture. So, unless asked in the requirements, this details are not essential to be mentioned in the CV.

However, since most of the institutions have moved to online portals, so, in case the CV/RESUME is digital, there might be a need to mention both. In digital CV’s, pictures are must.

How should be the picture?

  1. In formal clothing.
  2. A tie is must.
  3. Wear decent colors.
  4. Wear a shirt.
  5. No casual clothes.
  6. Use a size, as asked.

What Are The Basic Types Of CV/RESUME?


For FRESHERS, the job becomes a little difficult, since there may not be many quantity of experience in jobs to mention. But, some basic rules can be followed that can replace exact needs but still make the CV/RESUME better-

  1. Basic structure shall remain the same.
  2. ‘Education’ section should be well written and filled quantitatively.
  3. Since, ‘experience’ section would be less naturally, there should be mention of the following, instead-
    • Projects completed in universities
    • Internships completed
    • Any part-time jobs done
  4. In ‘additional’ section you can mention-
    • Extra curricular activities
    • Volunteer works
    • Conferences attended
    • College fest participation acknowledgements, if any.
    • Any contest participation certificates.

Additional Tip-

It is observed that we actually do a lot of achievements in the courses we enroll during high school and universities. But we often tend to forget it. So, while making a good resume/cv, please consider noting down events you have participated in details that can basically help you write or mention it in the CV/RESUME.

There you go, i hope i have discussed all basic details for creating an interesting CV/RESUME which might help you create one.


This article discusses basics of creating an interesting CV/RESUME that shall help any job seeking person to build his own one. It has mentioned in details about problems while creating one CV/RESUME and provided solutions to it. The doubts that might come up in the minds of all have also been dealt with. It has minutely detailed every fact.

Free feel to share if your search had brought you desired results.

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