How to Exterminate Sex for Grades in Nigerian Educational System

Today I present to you the discussion of sexual abuse i.e. sex for grades. I will be discussing also about how to exterminate sex for grades in Nigerian educational system.

#SexForGrades has really got the internet-social media and the global economy walking on eggshells. This has indeed painted the economy of Nigeria black.

There have been a lot of research carried out about things that go on in West African universities; two universities has really taken this research important, and those universities are; the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana respectively.

They have indeed brought to light, exposing the statuesque of female girls especially those girls suffering in silence pretending by smiling. This is because they don’t have someone who can speak for them and they keep wondering and pondering about how to move ahead in life with the kind of situation they find themselves. Now we are using our platform to speak for them and their voices shall be heard.

The research also reveals the ordeals they are bound to face in the long run, especially for those who does not want to sale their bodies for grades. So many of the girls have and would probably drop out of school because they don’t want to give sex in exchange for grades to those set of men who ask for it.

So for how to exterminate sex for grades in Nigerian educational system, I have put together some profound tips and suggestions below which I think if carefully and dully followed will go a long way in cubing this in the various Universities in Nigeria and other west African state.

The Involvement of Religious Bodies

Religious Oganisations have a greater role toplay in this. So,forsex for grades to be exterminated or cutailedtothe barest minimum, they religious oganisationssuch as the church,mosque should wake up.

There must be preaching agains it almost everytime,drawing emphasis on it as something of important.  Religious oganisations werenot meant only for spiritual things but alsothe welfare of theirmembers.This is because if it is not wellwith their members they preachings and teachings ofthose religious oganisations will be an effort in futility.

Pastors,bishops,Imams must comeout and be outspoken – condemning it openely fromtimetotime.Itr should n ot be a one day thing but continous until we bring this eviltoahault. They should also join campaigns, strikes, telecasting and the social mediain playing their part.

Government Policy/Laws

Governmnet of any society has the finalsay in matters like this but in asitution where they law makersare the cultprit.Those who ought to be their fathjerare the ones pepetrating this evilwhat can wedo? Nowthe question we ask is this,can they do that to their own children (daughters) or allow someone dototheir daughters?

Lets speak up and stop pretending forcrying out loud. Government needs to set upapolicy and pass it into law iun the constituition. Punishments should be set out foroffenders and must be enacted.It should bnot just be spoken by wordofmouth but by klegalprinciples.

This willgo a long way in helping cub the trend of sexfor gradesin the  Nigerian systemof education.

Parental Concern

This pone goesto the parents. Before agirlchildcomeshomecomplaining of what she faces out there, how welldoyou instruct/decipline them? Didyou use to guide them,teach themthe right things towerar and allthat? Train up achildin the way he should go and when he his old, he willnot depart from it. That’s the quotes from the holy bookfor those who belong to the Christendom.

If your children have had agreat upbringing,they will;not really faulter into thiscase of exchanging sex for grades asamust as it happens in todays university system

Fromtimeto time,call your girlchildren to yourself and educate them. It will have along way to impacting good moralsin them.

Activist Involvement

Activist could be lawyers or any legal practitioner. Instead of speaking for the development of the ecponomy alone, political issues.

it is eminent to also speakconcerning sex for grades in the open using various platforms,like ouTube,facebook,television,radio,newspaper and magazines etct.,to speakon behal of thosegirl child who have sufferd a lot in the hands of those lecturers.

Social Media Campaign

Anyoner can use the socialmediatoseekfor help. Once you have issues of sex for grades and it beciomesa must that if you don’t offer your body for grades you will fail the course. Hit facebook, twitter,instagram,Youtube immediately. If your in a goodplaceyou can do alive video and let the worldsee.

I think with this they willstart learning their lessons. We have kept quiet for quite a ;long time. It is time tospeak up. No fear or favour. The truth needs to be spoken and the world needs to hear sothey can help you.

Strike Action

If there have been great complains about a spsecifik lecturer and maybe he has failed your because you did not offer sexfor gares.This is wht ypou can do in this situation; get asmany victims as possible that has fall into this. Set out a capmpaign life in the school, reach out to the Vice chancellor.Go to political offices,walk around the community, while doing so let it go live on social media.

Nobody will tellanybody to draw himself to order. They will now rea;lise that the world is just asmallplace with the internet. Googleadwordscan help you. Place banners on website through google advertisement.Thousand sof website will display your ad and you will definitely get result almost immediately from international communities.


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