10 common Mistakes to Avoid While Going for An Interview

10 common Mistakes to Avoid While Going for An Interview

Do not make the same mistake other people made already.There are certain thing you don’t have to do while going for a job interview. This articles well explains the 10 common mistakes to avoid while going for an interview  comprehensively.

what works for others might not work for you. Interview place is not a learning ground. It is a serious place, so one needs to be very conscious of what they do. you can loose your interview if you don’t know what you need avoid. See some information below for your perusal.

10 common Mistakes to Avoid While Going for An Interview

1. Appearing Late for Interview

In a job interview everyone wants to hire the right set of workers, and hopefully they want someone that has reliability and professionalism. When you arrive late for interview,it clearly proofs that, your not suitable and ready for the job.

When the recruiter sees you coming for an interview late, your telling him or her that you don’t like either  the job, the position or that you’re bad with deadlines,. Showing up late will as well be an indication that you’re simply unorganized.

Additionally, the hiring manager,might just have been squeezing out his/her time from his busy schedule to set an interview and you appear late. In that way, he or she sees as some one who will not be able to meet up with task

2. Proper Dressing

You might have a great cv, paper on interview ground early, but the truth is; if you don’t dress well, you might still be neglected at the end of the day.

You need to find out the type of dressing style they company loves.Although you can always know that based on the nature of the job description. You can always know it to through the day set for the interview. If it is on Monday, you need to dress with either alongside and a black trouser and then talking.

If it is like on a Saturday, you can wear either a native attire or something very simple and smart. Another thing is that, some dressing code depends on the culture of the environment or zone you find yourself.

Do not over dress, addressable, dress with a dirty or squeeze clothes or use the wrong color combination. All of these adds up to showing the employer if he should hire you or not.

3. Forgetting Your Resume/Cv

Don’t forget to go to an interview with hard copies of your resume. Use it to reference from one time to the other. Even if you have submitted the soft copy online to the company while registering for the job. It is advisable, you have some physical papers to present as communication takes place and need arises.

4. Inability of finding out the Company

Inability of you researching about the company your are going for interview clearly shows that you are desperate and you need any job. Standard companies do not want to hire desperate people, they want to hire the best people to work with.

Ensure that you research about the company your going for interview very well. This will help you even before applying. Researching about the company will generate question from your mind which you can always ask while your on interview. It will make the interview to be interesting not boring.

If you don’t like the company please don’t apply for the job.

5. Not Switching Off Your Phone/Putting in Silent

In no way should you keep your phone on while on interview. Please turn it offer you silent it. Whatever calls that comes in, you will call back once your done.

Hiring manages sees it as a sign of disrespects and that you don’t take the job serious neither their time there. Don’t also chat on social media while on the interview seats. Those are things that are people get annoyed with so do the hiring manager.

Be patients until you get out,no matter how urgent s and important it might be.

6. Speaking Evil Against Former Employers

If you had worked somewhere and you were not treated fine, don’t disclose it there. Don’t speak bad against your former job or your former employer. It will not sound well to the current employer. They might see you as some one that does not have self control or someone that has too much emotions.

Badmouthing is not the best idea or option when you are on the interview seat.instead of saying bad,praise them.

7. Don’t Discuss Salary

Let the company interviewing you know that you are not coming for money but you want to help the company grow and make money. When you are on the interview seat, never you discus about salary yet until you have recorded a sound interview. Even with that, don’t discus it. talking about salary when you have been employed yet shows that your much after the money and not about helping the company.

Proof you can work and grow the company. When the notice that you are not bothered about how much is paid and how much is not being paid. They might have interest of picking you for the job.

let the Recruiter be the one to bring up a salary discussion. When such discussion is being raised, be careful they way you answer it. It could be very tempting

8. Forgetting to Ask Questions

When you don’t have questions to ask, it send negative signal to the hiring manager that you don’t have any interest in working for the company.

Always have question to ask at the end of the day. Those questions will make them see your interest in the company. Don’t forget to complement the success of the company so far.

9. Not Being Prepared

The worst that can ever happen to an individual in this life is when you are not being prepared for either examination or interview. When you are not being prepared,you stand a chance of loosing. Do not claim you know.

Before going for a job interview,always research to see those common question that recruiters or hiring managers ask and get squinted with it. prepare your own answers. Have your own pattern to answer those questions.

When you appear in the interview, most of those questions will not be strange for you.The reasons is because you prepared ahead and on time.

10. Not Following Up

Candidates or applicants who are seeking fora job most time fall for this. Many of them do not follow up after the interview is over. They solely depend on the company to email them or call them. You can always do that by your self from time to time. Don’t do it too often. Emailing or calling the company will show how interested and serious you want to work with the company and it could land your the job you requested for.

Stand out of the crowd, set your own strategy right and you will always be successful ahead of others.

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